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Various ways in which to give:

  • Gift: Put a bequest in your will (cash, specific property or a share of the estate residue.
    Benefit: A gift today that costs you and your family nothing - tomorrow the benefit of an estate tax deduction for your loved ones.
  • Gift:  Name Caring and Sharing as beneficiary of your retirement plan; leave other assets to your family
    Benefit: You can eliminate income tax on retirement plan assets and free up other property to pass to your heirs.
  • Gift: Create a new Life Insurance policy or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need.
    Benefit: Increase your ability to make a significant gift to Caring and Sharing

Become a Legacy Partner

For many of us, charitable giving is a way of life. For others, financial situations make it difficult to give when we want to or as often as we would like to. PLANNED GIVING may offer the solution.

Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 " Verify I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,ye have done it unto me"

Prayerfully consider giving from the blessing the Lord has given to you. Your gift can produce for the needs of the others long after you have departed this world.

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